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October 5, 2017

Meritage Wine Bar

Meritage Wine Bar is a relatively new addition to the Glen Cove community. The restuarant had its grand opening this summer, so it isn't a well-known favorite just yet. With this in mind, Sandra Raymond, Administrative Assistant at Garvies Point, decided to visit, and now it's being featured here. If you are on the fence about heading over to Meritage Wine Bar, let her review convince you to give it a try. 


Tucked in a corner, a hidden gem emerges with fresh local food in the heart of downtown Glen Cove. After deciding on a place to dine with a very good friend, I suggested we try Meritage Wine Bar. This brand-new eatery has been generating tons of buzz and what better way to unwind on the North Shore after a hard work week. Driving down School Street, you cannot help but notice the cute town and walkable accessibility to many stores and shops. Across from a giant Staples, sits Meritage; corner front with outdoor seating, and yes, I am in love. Walk in a beautifully well-lit restaurant with subtle décor that embodies the community; very laid-back, casual and fun! It’s great when you walk into an establishment and feel right at home the minute you step foot through the door. Alex, the owner, enthusiastic, upbeat, and a very personable gentleman who is proud of his craft and ensures the utmost confidence that the dining experience will be one to be remembered. And it was.


Ashley, the server and a native of Glen Cove, spoke with such pride as she explained each dish we ordered and added comments and suggestions. She was both knowledgeable and had an amazing personality. My friend and I wanted an array of dishes, so the tapas style menu was perfect. From the tzatziki spread to a 24-month aged proscuttio paired with machego curato, which is a firm and nutty cheese; our meal started off on the right foot. And who goes to a wine bar without ordering wine? Not this girl! The Hook and Ladder chardonnay had some citrus notes that paired perfectly with the seared scallops, crispy calamari and sherried shrimp. Honestly, everything was so well prepared and meticulously thought out. The flavors tantalized my palette and had me rushing for another bite.

From start to finish, Meritage ‘had me at hello’. Perfectly situated in a town that is refurbishing itself; from downtown to the waterfront project at Garvies Point, it is just the perfect addition to the town with so much to offer on the North Shore. Absolutely thrilled that this special restaurant is a part of Glen Cove and hopefully will continue to thrive in this amazing town!

If you want to visit this wonderful, new restaurant, check out their website or call (516) 801-0055.