May 10, 2019

Looking Forward To The Perfect Day At Garvies Point

What would your perfect day in Garvies Point look like?  As we close in on the final phases of construction on The Beacon at Garvies Point, we chatted with some of our new residents about what they are most looking forward to about living in this community

Many of our new owners are eagerly anticipating the outdoor space at The Beacon, just like Michelle Dammaco and Salvatore Drago: "We're looking forward to relaxing after work and enjoying the apartment, " said Michelle  "maybe having a nice drink or two on the terrace and perhaps going locally to dinner".  Her sentiments were echoed by neighbors Bruno and Rona Tison, "we hope to be sitting on the terrace with a glass of French wine," said Bruno. Rona laughed and emphasized, " yes, FRENCH wine." 

Having outdoor space so easily accessible helps make it a part of everyday life, which is something that Kathleen Sullivan is looking forward to, " waking up and having my coffee on the terrace before work would definitely be part of my perfect day, " she smiled. Neighbor James Maurer agrees, adding that, " when the sun is out, I'll be on the rooftop deck, taking in the scenery, taking in the sun. " 

The unique mix of amenities, including a gym, yoga room, walking trails and outdoor pool are also part of the perfect day for new owners, including Frank Posihil, "I have seven grandchildren and I am looking forward to being able to have them all over to hang out by the pool." Susan and Brian Smith are excited for the fitness options "there is a gym, there is space to walk and a yoga studio; it's incredible." 

Proximity to nature and Manhattan also factor in when the new residents are considering their perfect day. "It's a great location, " says Michelle, " with the walking trails and hiking available, if we wanted to go back into Manhattan on the weekend, that's easily accessible".  This easy accessibility and more effortless lifestyle is key for Christine and Adrian Alley, who share that they will be " relieved that we won't have all the maintenance like we would in a bigger house". 

While all of these condo buyers have their own vision of what a perfect day in Garvies Point will include, many echoed Susan's sentiment, " we are just so excited for this new adventure." 


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