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February 15, 2018

Train Pain? Consider moving to the burbs.

The subways are a mess and about to get worse. What's a city resident to do? Our advice may surprise you. Its time to think about moving to the suburbs. The commute times from Long Island are just slightly longer and far more comfortable!

A recent study by the U.S. Census Bureau has found that New York City residents have the worst commute times of any US city. On average, the study reported these commute times for residents within the five boroughs.

The Bronx — 44.8 minutes
Queens — 43.7 minutes
Staten Island — 43.5 minutes
Brooklyn — 42.2 minutes
Manhattan — 31.8 minutes

The reason for the long commute times, despite the relatively short distances, is the difficulty maintaining NYC's sprawling subway system. The New York Times reported that there were 82,000 delays during the month of June alone. Commuting time is not the only factor to consider; in addition to the delays, subway riders experienced overcrowding and accidents such as derailments.

Keeping a 113 year old, 24/7 subway system running is no easy task. MTA officials now admit that in order to make crucial repairs and improvements, line closures will be required. For instance, the city is planning an 18-month shutdown of the L line between Brooklyn and Manhattan. 225,000 people who take the L train will need to shift to other subway lines, worsening overcrowding on other lines.

The closure, which will start in April 2019, is predicted to decimate some Brooklyn neighborhoods. Residents of Williamsburg are reportedly putting their homes up for sale and renters are looking to move. Businesses and real estate values are expected to be impacted.

What's a city resident to do? Our advice may surprise you.  Move to the suburbs. The commute times from Long Island are just slightly longer and far more comfortable.


Commuting from Garvies Point

Residents at Garvies Point, scheduled to open in 2019, have several options for commuting to Manhattan.

Long Island Railroad

The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) operates out of Penn Station at 34th Street and 8th Ave. On weekdays, there are express trains from Glen Cove to Penn Station and back that take only 58 minutes with no transfer required! At other times, a transfer at Jamaica is required. Here are directions to and from Penn Station.

  • From Penn Station
    Take any train line that stops in Jamaica (almost all of them do). Get off at Jamaica and transfer to the Oyster Bay line. You can get off at Sea Cliff, Glen Street or Glen Cove Stations. The trip should take approximately 65 minutes.
  • To Manhattan
    Get on the train at Sea Cliff, Glen Street or Glen Cove Station. Use the platform labeled "To New York". Take the train to Mineola or Jamaica. The conductor will advise you on the best place to transfer. Trains from Mineola and Jamaica go straight to Penn Station. The total trip time is 65 minutes.

LIRR trains run on predictable schedules, are less crowded and far more comfortable. You will enjoy a seat, a view, and relative quiet. A handy app helps you plan your trips and make your connections.  RXR will provide residents of Garvies Point with a trolley service called the "Glen Cove Connector" which will shuttle residents from Garvies Point to the LIRR train station and downtown Glen Cove.

Glen Cove Ferry Steven Yaconetti Drone Photography.jpg

The Ferry

The most exciting option for commuting will be the high-speed ferry  to Manhattan. The ferry terminal is adjacent to The Beacon and near other buildings at Garvies Point.  Details are yet to be finalized, but riders of the Glen Cove ferry this past summer compared the ferry ride to a pleasure cruise. See more reactions to the ferry here.

The Bus

The North Fork Express commuter bus makes the 60-90 minute trip from Glen Cove to Midtown or Wall Street four times a day. A monthly pass is $249.

In summary, you can commute from Glen Cove to New York City in comfort while increasing your commute time by only 15-30 minutes.

What is Glen Cove like?

Glen Cove is located on the North Shore of Long Island in an area referred to as the Gold Coast. The city enjoys access to the Long Island Sound and has an "urban-suburban" feel according to Debra Quinn Petkanas, lifelong resident and member of the Garvies Point sales team. The city is a good starter suburb for people moving from New York City due to it's car-optional lifestyle, diversity, and proximity to the water. Housing ranges from stately mansions to new condos and rentals being developed by RXR Realty. Read more about it in the New York Times.





Visit the Garvies Point Welcome Center to learn more about living in Glen Cove.

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