June 28, 2019

Life on the Waterfront

Garvies Point, Long Island's most exciting new development is located on the Hempstead Harbor on the north shore of Long Island. Our buyers are attracted to The Beacon at Garvies Point for our waterfront location which include magnificent views and waterfront recreation.

We recently took some of our buyers out for a cruise around the sound. Our future residents loved seeing the construction progress of The Beacon at Garvies Point and spending time on the water. Here are some photos from the event of The Beacon and the immediately surrounding views. 

Future residents of The Beacon loved seeing the building which has progressed at an incredible pace.

IMG_0038Capturing the picture perfect views that they will soon enjoy everyday. 

IMG_0055Setting sail for the harbor with the idyllic Garvies Point Preserve as a backdrop. 

IMG_0066Imagine being able to enjoy this gorgeous waterfront, just moments from your home at The Beacon, seen here at center-right. 

IMG_0049The rich hues of a summer sunset over Manhattan, in the distance. 


Our buyers can't wait to enjoy these views from their new homes at The Beacon at Garvies Point!