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May 22, 2017

Garvies Point Job Opportunity Expo

The Garvies Point Redevelopment is expected to create thousands of jobs and generate millions of dollars in economic activity for the City of Glen Cove and its residents. RXR is endeavoring to award construction and post construction contracts and jobs to qualified Glen Cove businesses and residents with particular consideration for minority, women, and veteran owned businesses and individuals.

The City of Glen Cove and RXR are working together to ensure Glen Cove businesses and individuals are presented with opportunities in a timely fashion to participate in all economic opportunities to the maximum extent possible. In our best efforts to educate targeted business entities and local labor workforces on various opportunities at Garvies Point, we are holding a Garvies Point Job Opportunity Expo. 

The Garvies Point redevelopment will require many different types of businesses across a wide range of market sectors, including, but not limited to:

Site Work Finish Carpentry Painting
Timber Piles Waterproofing Wallcovering
Landscape/Hardscape Roofing Louvers
Concrete Insulation/Sealants Bldg. Signage
Masonry Work Doors Frames & HDWR F&E
Cold Form Metals Glazing Postal Specialties
Misc. Metals Drywall Assemblies Toilet & Bath Accessories
Rough Carpentry Flooring Appliances
Cabinetry Elevators Fire Protection
Plumbing HVAC Electrical
Fire Alarms BMS/Security Audio Visual

The City of Glen Cove and RXR urges everyone who may be interested in participating to attend and learn about the numerous opportunities available. The purchasers and managers responsible for the hiring of these construction contracts will be in attendance to discuss and answer any questions.  


Date: Thursday, June 8 at 6 p.m. 
Location: Glen Cove’s City Hall (Main Chambers) at 9 Glen Street
RSVP:  Email GPOpportunityExpo@garviespoint.com by June 5th.
The event is free of charge, but you must be registered in advance to attend.