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January 20, 2017

Garvies Point Economic Benefits

The Garvies Point development will be a Smart Growth, mixed-use community located along the shores of Hempstead Harbor in Glen Cove, Long Island.  This dynamic development will re-invent the Glen Cove waterfront and transform a former Brownfield into a vibrant, active mixed-use community accessible to everyone. The development will provide generous expanses of high quality public open space for residents and visitors to enjoy.  

By reclaiming the waterfront, Glen Cove joins other great cities across America in repositioning a treasured asset for public good. Garvies Point’s $1 billion investment will infuse the local economy with jobs and tax revenues, while maintaining the character of the community.

  • Total investment of approximately $1 billion
  • Economist-projected benefit of $50 million per year to the City of Glen Cove
  • Creation of hundreds of jobs
  • 1,100 LEED-certified residential units
  • 75,000 square feet of commercial and retail space
  • Increased revenues for the county, city, school district and library

We invite you to visit the Garvies Point Welcome Cener to learn more about the development.

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