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June 13, 2017

Garvies Point Brewery

bogc4.jpg(Rory O'Connor, Tasting Room Manager and Patrick Del Re, Beertender)

Our neighbors, Garvies Point Brewery is a small batch, hand crafted, Micro Brewery specializing in brewing contemporary American Craft Beer.

17492956_1917791125170565_3237629731968069125_o.jpg(Cans of Garvies Point beers look beautiful in our model residence.)

Located in Glen Cove, the brewery occupies a 2,250 square feet space split between the brewing operation and a tasting room.  Garvies Point Brewery pumps out about 1,000 gallons of beer per month and can be found on tap throughout the area and in cans in local markets. But our favorite way to taste is to visit the tasting room which is walkable from the Garvies Point Welcome Center.  They are open on Friday night and weekends. 

Glen Cove resident, Michael Grella, offers this tip: "The Garvies Point Brewery is great -- especially the Friday happy hour. They have Bavarian pretzels with their flights."

gpbrewery.jpg(Lisbeth Finnerty, member of the Garvies Point sales team, enjoying a pint with her family at the brewery.)

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