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July 12, 2017

Dr. Thomas Garvie

Thomas Garvie, a native of Scotland,  was a prominent resident of Glen Cove in the early 1800s. Born in 1775, Garvie was one of only two physicians in northern Glen Cove.

GC Garvies Pt 1909.jpgThe view from Garvies Point

Dr. Garvie was a prominent member of his community. He was a trustee of the local schools and had many scientific interests.  He became an entrepreneur when he discovered large deposits of clay on his property. The clay was dug and marketed in New York City  which prompted Garvie to negotiate with Cornelius Vanderbilt to operate steamboat service between Glen Cove and New York City.  By 1829, daily steamboat runs were being made between New York City and what was then called Garvie's Point.

garvie-clay-pits.jpgDr. Garvie's clay mining operation in Glen Cove.
Photo source: Nassau County, Long Island, in Early Photographs

The steamboat service helped Glen Cove become a summer destination for New Yorkers and turn Glen Cove into a thriving industrial center. Captains of industry such as J.P. Morgan and F.W. Woolworth built grand estates in Glen Cove which became to be known as the "Gold Coast". 

Glen Cove is being transformed again with new development at Garvies Point, a $1 Billion resort-style neighborhood that will occupy nearly 60 acres of Glen Cove’s waterfront.

Today, July 12th, is the 242nd anniversary of Dr. Garvie's birth. Happy Birthday Dr. Garvie!