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April 29, 2019

A Life Aquatic:  Meet The Finnertys

Life on the water comes naturally for many Long Islanders. From the first settlers who fished for mackerel and bluefish to the modern denizens who sail to Montauk for the weekend, aquatic activities are part of everyday life. The Beacon at Garvies Point offers a brand new way to experience the joys of waterfront living, with easy dock access and close proximity to nearby restaurants and businesses.  One local seafaring family, the Finnertys , are very excited to join the community at The Beacon and to talk more about all of the opportunities for water recreation.  Meet the Finnertys, two generations of a family that will be enjoying the life aquatic in Garvies Point. 

Lisbeth and Brian Finnerty, long time residents of the area, have been sailing the North Shore since their children, Gaelan and Dylan were small. " Boating and water have been a part of our life since we had really young kids," said Lisbeth. " We always had a sailboat and we used to put the kids on the boat and we'd sleep overnight. It's just so peaceful. " Her husband Brian continued " the happiest times of my life were sailing these waters right here; it's something I will always treasure." 

"The beautiful thing about Garvies Point for us especially, " said Lisbeth, " is that we have out boat right out front. We're really looking forward to that." The location of The Beacon also makes day travel along the North Shore easy, " within seconds, you're really right out here, in Hempstead Harbor, off Garvies Point," remarked Lisbeth. "Turn left and you are down in Manhattan. On a breezy day, you can pretty much get to Montauk in a day." 

With commuting times less than an hour to midtown Manhattan, life at The Beacon offers up even more opportunities to enjoy the water. " You can come home in the evening, get off the train and go sailing, paddleboarding; that's going to be our new thing, paddleboarding," laughed Lisbeth. "And then you walk into town for great restaurants. We're really excited about all the new things coming to Garvies Point, we're really taking advantage of all of it. It's really an incredible lifestyle and we are just so fortunate to call it home."