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May 8, 2017

Gorgeous Long Island Mansions to Visit this Summer

The North Shore of Long Island earned the nickname the Gold Coast at the turn of the century.  Large, lavish estates were built by families including the Vanderbilts, Pratts, Whitneys, Morgans and more.  Here is a list of iconic North Shore homes near Garvies Point in Glen Cove, NY.

Oheka Castle recently achieved pop culture fame when it was featured in Taylor Swift's Blank Space music video. Built during the 1910s by philanthropist and  financier Otto Kahn, it is situated on the highest point in Long Island in Cold Spring Harbor. When it was built, the estate was the largest private home in the United States boasting 127 rooms and over 109,000 square feet. You can enjoy the luxurious mansion as an overnight guest, have dinner in the restaurant or book a tour of the estate.  The location is also available for weddings and celebrations.


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Old Westbury Gardens is the former home of John S. Phipps.  Completed in 1906, the magnificent mansion is nestled amid 200 acres of formal gardens, landscaped grounds, woodlands, ponds and lakes.  The estate has been used as a filming location in numerous films and TV shows including Love Story, Hitch and Cruel Intentions. The estate is available for tours and has numerous children's programs including a summer camp!


Clayton Estate. Henry Clay Frick, the co-founder of US Steel, bought this home for his son. The mansion is now the Nassau County Museum of Art.  The museum receives nearly 200,000 visitors each year. In addition to the main building, the museum features a sculpture park,  formal gardens, and  walking trails.


The Glen Cove Mansion, located in Glen Cove, was built in 1910 for John Teele and Ruth Baker Pratt.  John Pratt was an executive of the Standard Oil Company and Ruth Baker Pratt was the first Republican Congresswoman from the state of New York.  You may recognize the mansion from the movie Sabrina or North by Northwest. Today, the mansion is a popular location for weddings and celebrations. You can also stay at the Glen Cove Mansion as an overnight guest or visit for a meal at the restaurant .  Guests and locals can play golf, practice yoga or take a spinning class.  The Mansion hosts many events throughout the year. 

All of these spectacular homes are a short drive from Garvies Point! 

  • Oheka Castle - 24 minute drive
  • Old Westbury Gardens - 15 minute drive
  • Clayton Estate - 10 minute drive
  • Glen Cove Mansion - 7 minute drive

Visit the Garvies Point Welcome Center to learn more about living in Glen Cove, NY.